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Water Xpert In Jaipur, Rajasthan is a leading supplier of all kinds of domestic and commercial RO water purifier solutions like Kent RO, Aquaguard RO, Livpure RO, Aquafresh RO etc. Our own range of RO water purifier systems is created here in India and we have carefully selected only the highest quality products to provide you with the best solutions for all your water filtration needs. We are proud to provide competitive pricing and our team is always happy to share their extensive knowledge and experience. Call us on +919718154773 and speak with our friendly expert staff, we will find the ideal solution for your water purifier needs, at an affordable price.

Let's study our own brand XELCO

XELCO - RO Water Purifer

We use the latest innovative technologies in the design and execution of our water treatment plants & water management systems and ensure the best quality to our clients and customers. The water treatment solutions developed by us are of significant use in solving various problems in utilities like water treatment, boilers and cooling towers. We have been successful in creating a niche for ourselves as a specialist in the area of water treatment solutions that are performance oriented and most cost effective

Xelco Magic-X

Price: Rs.12999/-

MRP: Rs.14999/-

Model name: Xelco Magic-X

Brand: Xelco


  • RO+UV+Alkaline
  • 10 Liter Storage tank
  • Build quality Food grade Pastic
  • Accord SMPS
  • Accord UV Choke
  • Philips UV lamp 11W
  • AQ&Q best quality Booster pump
  • High TDS Membrane workable upto 3000PPM

Xelco RO Spare parts

All Brands R.O. Water Purifiers In Jaipur

The best way to buy Water Purifiers in Jaipur is to first look at all models of Water Purifiers. There are mainly two different types of RO water purifiers available. The wall mounted RO water purifier and the under sink RO water purifier. The wall mounted RO water purifier is the most popular type of water purifier in India.



Our technicians don’t just take pride in their work, they are experts in their field. We’re your best, most-trusted option for fast, quick, and easy local service


We repair all brands of water purifier. Get the Best Quality of Repair Service. On time Service guarantee. Experienced professionals.


If you are facing any RO water purifier issues, then a simple call can solve your problem. We immediately act to service requests of customers in Jaipur.


We understand the value of your money, therefore have appointed the most experienced technicians. They are skilled to repair any RO faults with expertise.


We provide you wherein you can hire the best RO service experts. We have a team of trusted professionals who strive hard to deliver you the best RO repair service


We have positive reviews because We are responsible to take care of RO system to avoid any technical problem and water quality problem.


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